Genie Gin

GENIE GIN Arabian Dry Gin

Designing a Gin bottle packaging for

the community.

Genie Gin

GENIE GIN Arabian Dry Gin

Genie Gin is a clear white frost liquor bottle packaging,

the bottle designed in a way that it is portable kit for

solo drinkers. The design includes a jigger on the top, which fits and rest on the cap of the bottle  and a clear transparent glass on top of it, giving it a stunning unique compact look.

Genie gin is perfectly made and crafted for solo ideal drinkers, best for gifting. The design makes it stand out and feel the pride for the consumer.

geniegin fresh render 1.png
Screenshot 2021-12-14 050449_edited.png

Wireframes of the product

Storage bottle

Ergonomically Design

Working mechanism

gini gin2.png
gini gin1.png
gini gin.png
geniegin fresh render 3.png

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